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Reference : V-F-CR-F-00945-F
Date : 05/2007
Title : Life under siege becomes unbearable for Palestinian residents in Hebron
Duration : 00:07:33
Cameraman : PENTUCCI, Alain
Editor : unknown
Person appearing :
TOGGENBURG, Christoph von (delegate, ICRC)
Confidentiality level : public
Publication restrictions : publication without restrictions
Copyright : ICRC
Production company : ICRC
ICRC producer :
LOUIS, Virginie
Description : Tensions are heightening in the Palestinian city of Hebron between Palestinian residents and Israeli settlers moving into the old city. For many Palestinians, the constant military patrols, travel restrictions, curfews and harassment are making life more and more difficult. The old souk has changed from a thriving market place to a ghost town. Stalls have been forced to close on military orders, and shopkeepers cannot get their goods into the city because of road and access closure. They are forbidden from entering with vehicles and clients need to go through security gates at the two extremities of the old souk. Around 400 shops have been closed on military order, and hundreds more have shut because of lack of business. In addition, according to Nidal, a shopkeeper in the souk, ‘with the attacks of the settlers - people don’t come in because they are scared.’ Settler violence is a growing problem, says ICRC delegate Christophe Von Toggenbourg. Many Palestinians are afraid to go out of their homes, and streets in the old city are covered by metal cages to protect passers by from missiles including stones and eggs. 160,000 people live in the Palestinian city of Hebron in the West Bank. Around 40,000 Palestinians live in the old town, with a group of 400 Jewish settlers.
Original language : International soundtrack
English title : Life under siege becomes unbearable for Palestinian residents in Hebron
Colour/B&W : colour
Original material/format : DVCam
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