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Reference : V-F-CR-F-00979-A
Date : 12/2007
Title : Explorons le droit humanitaire = Exploring humanitarian law
Duration : 01:17:02
Director : CALDERON, Daniel
Editor : unknown
Confidentiality level : public
Publication restrictions : publication without restrictions
Copyright : ICRC
Commissioned production company : Tlaloc Films Productions pour le CICR
ICRC producer :
REVOL, Didier
Description : When a state ratifies the Geneva Conventions of 1949, it commits itself to promoting international humanitarian law, particularly among military personnel but also among the civilian population at large. While the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) has a long history of supporting governments in promoting humanitarian law within their armed and security forces, the ICRC decided around 1990 to intensify its efforts to promote humanitarian law among young people.
Two major programmes for adolescents in educational settings have since been established: a programme for secondary education in the countries of the former Soviet Union and the Exploring Humanitarian Law (EHL) programme.
The main objective of the ICRC's outreach programmes is to familiarise schoolchildren with the principles of international humanitarian law and the specificity and work of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement, as well as with the notion of human dignity as an inviolable quality that must be respected in times of peace as well as in times of armed conflict.
In all its wide-ranging activities to promote international humanitarian law, the ICRC strives to work closely with the relevant ministries. While the ICRC has a catalytic role, the sustainability of humanitarian law education depends on the respective governments. Wherever possible, National Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies play a major role in this process.
Original language : English
French title : Explorons le droit humanitaire
English title : Exploring humanitarian law
Colour/B&W : colour
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