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Reference : V-F-CR-F-01079-A
Date : 2011
Country/Region : LEBANON
Title : La mort est dans le champ = Death in the field
Duration : 00:11:11
Cameraman : unknown
Editor : unknown
Confidentiality level : public
Publication restrictions : reserved users only
Copyright : ICRC; Chappatte; PointProd; RTS
Production company : PointProd
ICRC producer :
Description : The cartoonist Patrick Chappatte travelled to Lebanon in February 2009, three years after the war between Israel and Hezbollah. In a cartoon documentary he describes how the population of the affected area lives with the constant threat of death or disfigurement through unexploded cluster munitions. Millions of these bomblets were scattered during the conflict and many failed to detonate. Thus, the 2006 war continues every time someone steps on an unexploded submunition. This documentary was initially published in comic-strip form in the Swiss daily Le Temps.
Original language : French; English
French title : La mort est dans le champ
English title : Death in the field
Colour/B&W : colour
Aspect ratio : 16/9
Original material/format : Digital Betacam
Best material/format available : Digital Betacam