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Reference : V-F-CR-F-01286-N
Date : 02/09/2014
Title : Ukraine : civilians in Lugansk in dire need
Duration : 00:02:14
Cameraman : CACHIN, Fabien
Editor : CACHIN, Fabien
Person appearing :
FAKHOURI, Marina (delegate, ICRC)
POMMIER, Bruno (delegate, ICRC)
Confidentiality level : public
Publication restrictions : publication without restrictions
Copyright : ICRC
Production company : ICRC
ICRC producer :
THAKKAR, Neha; REVOL, Didier
Production reference : AV217N
Description : ICRC staff Marina Fakhouri and Bruno Pommier were in Lugansk in east Ukraine on 21-26 August. They share their first-hand experiences and observations during their time there.
The situation in Lugansk remains precarious as intermittent shelling continues, putting civilians at risk and damaging essential infrastructure. Only four of the city's nine hospitals are operational. The supply of food, medicine and fuel is erratic. Electrical power and telephone networks have been cut off.
There is no indication that the situation has improved since then. The top concern remains the issue of security. "The fact that shelling was random and it would come several times a day was generating a real permanent feeling of fear amongst the population,” says Bruno Pommier.
The random nature of shelling has resulted in many hospitals being hit as well. The strain on the medical infrastructure and staff was evident to Marina Fakhouri, "It is important to note that not even hospitals are safe, that there has been shelling that has hit hospitals and of course there are not that many doctors able to work there because many of them have left. Transport to and from the hospitals is very difficult. So those who have stayed are extremely brave and are doing an incredible job."
In addition, the lack of electricity is having a huge impact on the life of the people including no running water and poor sewage system. As per discussions Bruno Pommier had with some people working on the sewage issue, "we are close to a very alarming situation that could cause an epidemiological problem in the city of Lugansk."
The ICRC's priorities are to make sure that hospitals have a reliable supply of water and ample medical supplies, to find a way to exchange news between family members, and to bring about greater respect for the rules of IHL governing the conduct of hostilities.
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English title : Ukraine : civilians in Lugansk in dire need
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