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Reference : V-F-CR-F-01853
Date : 08/2016
Country/Region : GUATEMALA
Title : Guatemala : a decent burial, a final goodbye = Guatemala : un lugar donde visitar a sus muertos
Duration : 00:02:18
Cameraman : VOLPE, Daniele
Editor : MENERA MARTINEZ, Margarita; TENA TORRES, Gerardo
Confidentiality level : public
Publication restrictions : publication without restrictions
Copyright : ICRC
Production company : ICRC
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Cameraman : VOLPE, Daniele
Editor : MENERA MARTINEZ, Margarita; TENA TORRES, Gerardo
Production reference : 2016AV.0108
Description : The armed conflict in Guatemala (1960-1996) left deep marks on survivors and on the relatives of those who died or went missing. Its effects are still being felt today. Many people were forced to flee to other parts of the country or to seek refuge beyond its borders. Several decades later, some of those who left because of the conflict embarked on a long journey home to honour the memory of their loved ones at a ceremony held in Quiquil on 21 January 2016.
Located in the north of the department of Huehuetenango, Quiquil was heavily affected by more than three decades of armed conflict. Around 80 people died when the village was attacked on 28 June 1982. Some survivors who fled never heard from their relatives again.
In 2009, after finding five mass graves, the Forensic Anthropology Foundation of Guatemala exhumed the remains of 50 people who were murdered on that day and handed them over to the relatives of the victims and the residents of Quiquil. We built the gravesite for the remains of these victims, in order to give them a dignified burial.
For 33 years, the families had mourned the absence of their loved ones, while enduring the pain of not knowing what had happened to them. On 20 January 2016, they were finally able to give them a decent burial.

Eulalia era apenas una niña cuando perdió a sus padres y hermanos. Todos ellos fueron ejecutados durante un ataque a la población de Quiquil, en 1982. Como Eulalia, muchas familias de la aldea sufrieron la pérdida de seres queridos a consecuencia del Conflicto Armado Interno en Guatemala.
La herida permaneció abierta durante mucho tiempo. Pasaron 33 años antes que Eulalia y las demás familias pudieran recuperar y enterrar los restos de sus seres queridos. Un duelo que no cerraba y años de sufrimiento causaron múltiples afectaciones en los familiares. En 2016, el CICR construyó nichos para ofrecer a las víctimas un entierro digno.
Familiares y comunidad honraron y sepultaron los restos de sus fallecidos, incluyendo los de aquellas personas que no pudieron ser identificadas. La certeza de saber donde reposan sus muertos y tener un lugar donde visitarlos, es un alivio para las familias, quienes podrán comenzar a cerrar su duelo.
Original language : Spanish
English title : Guatemala : a decent burial, a final goodbye
Spanish title : Guatemala : un lugar donde visitar a sus muertos
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