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Reference : V-F-CR-F-02971
Date : 06/2020
Title : La menace nucléaire est-elle réelle ? = How real is the nuclear threat ? = ¿ Cuán real es la amenaza nuclear ?
Duration : 00:01:30
Cameraman : various
Editor : AUDEOUD, Tristan
Confidentiality level : public
Publication restrictions : reserved users only
Copyright : ICRC
Production company : ICRC
ICRC producer :
AUDEOUD, Tristan; MESTRE, Enrique
Description : There are almost 14,000 nuclear bombs in the world. Thousands of which are ready to be used in an instant. Most are far more powerful than those that devastated Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945. Since then, nuclear weapons have almost been used many times because of malfunctions, mishaps, false alarms and misunderstandings. In 1995, for example, a research rocket launched to study the northern lights was mistaken for a nuclear missile and led the world to the brink of destruction. We know a nuclear explosion would lead to a catastrophe of unimaginable proportions. Yet, the risk that nuclear weapons are used is higher today that it has been in decades. Military incidents involving nuclear States and their allies are happening more and more often and States are making explicit threats to use nuclear weapons. Agreements to eliminate existing arsenals are being abandoned as new nuclear weapons are being developed. We are on a dangerous path towards a new nuclear arms race.
At the same time, digital technologies that now control nuclear weapons could be hacked to issue a false warning of an impending attack or even worse, access the launch codes. The official line is that having nuclear weapons keeps us safe. Yet the reverse is true. As long as nuclear weapons exist, there is a risk they can be used.
All States must join the nuclear ban treaty now and bring the nuclear weapons era to an end.
Original language : French; Spanish; English
French title : La menace nucléaire est-elle réelle ?
English title : How real is the nuclear threat ?
Spanish title : ¿ Cuán real es la amenaza nuclear ?
Title in other language : Que tão real é a ameaça nuclear ?
Colour/B&W : colour
Resolution : 1920 x 1080
Aspect ratio : 16/9
Original material/format : H264
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