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Reference : V-F-CR-F-03503-A
Date : 12/2021
Title : Market based programming : analyzing and working with markets in crises
Duration : 00:03:41
Editor : GACHOUD, Alexandre Samuel
Confidentiality level : public
Publication restrictions : reserved users only
Commissioned production company : Take Off Productions
ICRC producer :
GACHOUD, Alexandre Samuel
Description : Markets play a central role in people's lives. Disasters and conflict can negatively impact the population’s ability to maintain their livelihoods and access the essential commodities and services they need.
Humanitarian and development workers need to understand these lifeline markets to help people affected by crises. Good Red Cross Movement toolkits already exist to conduct market analysis… including the Rapid Assessment for Markets (RAM) and the Market Analysis Guidance (MAG). These toolkits can reveal possibilities for working with or supporting markets with different types of interventions. However, it is not that easy to identify the appropriate ones.
That's why the ICRC is using the "UMBPF", which doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue, so it came up with a catchier label for this response analysis tool: the Pizza!
This video will try to illustrate how the Pizza can be used to identify appropriate market based interventions.
Market based interventions can contribute to improving the quality and impact of our relief and recovery interventions, by directly helping people affected by crises, or indirectly helping them by working with markets.
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English title : Market based programming : analyzing and working with markets in crises
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