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Reference : V-F-CR-F-03607-1
Date : 01/2023
Title : Recommandations générales pour les utilisateurs de prothèses = General recommendations for users of prostheses
Duration : 00:01:36
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Description : Are you using a prosthesis for your legs? Here are several recommendations to continue having a productive life. To take care of your prosthesis, you should clean it with a damp cloth with warm water and mild soap.
Never sink it in water.
Dry it with a towel and keep it away from fire.
At night, remove the socks from the socket and leave them outdoors so you can use them clean in the morning.
If you are going to clean the shoe or the stocking that you use with the prosthesis, remember that they must be dry before using them again.
Always keep your prosthesis dry. Avoid going into the water with it.
Do not apply solvents such as paint thinner, oil or gasoline.
To preserve the prosthesis, keep the foot dry. This will help it last much longer.
If it gets wet, immediately remove the stocking and the shoe and let it air dry.
Prostheses are aligned with the heel height of the shoe.
Therefore, only walk with both shoes on.
If you are going to change shoes, use shoes with the same height as the heel of your first pair.
Original language : English
French title : Recommandations générales pour les utilisateurs de prothèses
English title : General recommendations for users of prostheses
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