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Reference : V-F-CR-F-03607-3
Date : 01/2023
Title : Informations utiles pour les personnes amputées au-dessous du genou = Useful information for people with amputations below the knee
Duration : 00:01:50
Director : unknown
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Confidentiality level : public
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Copyright : ICRC
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Editor : unknown
Description : Did you have an amputation below the knee? Follow these recommendations to continue having a productive life with your prosthesis.
Amputations below the knee are called transtibial amputations.
Adopting the tips of this video will bring you many benefits:
Improved blood circulation.
Reduced swelling.
Giving the limb a better shape to receive the prosthesis.
And getting your limb used to constant coverage, as well as protecting it.
How to put on your bandages?
Roll up your bandages to make them easier to handle.
Then start with the bandage from the front to back and make a small turn at the top to adjust it.
Wrap the stump making diagonal figures in the form of an 8.
Generate more tension on the lower part of the stump and decrease the pressure when you go up.
Be careful never to put the bandage in circular patterns.
This can badly affect your blood circulation and your recovery will be slower.
Each layer of the bandage should overlap about half of the previous layer with each turn.
You should readjust the bandage 4 to 6 times a day, and every time the bandage gets loose.
You should use it all the time.
You can reduce swelling by putting the bandaged stump higher when lying down.
Ideally, bandaging should begin on the second day after the operation, when the surgical wound has closed.
How to take care of your bandages?
Wash them every day carefully with soap and water.
Let the bandages drain and dry on a flat surface.
Leave them indoors.
Direct sunlight can damage them.
There is no need to twist them.
When you feel that they have lost their elasticity, throw them away and get new ones.
Original language : English
Other language : International soundtrack
French title : Informations utiles pour les personnes amputées au-dessous du genou
English title : Useful information for people with amputations below the knee
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Aspect ratio : 16/9
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