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Reference : V-F-CR-F-00772-N
Date : 06/2003
Country/Region : NEPAL
Title : Nepal : villagers caught in the crossfire
Duration : 00:02:34
Cameraman : SIDLER, Roland
Editor : unknown
Confidentiality level : public
Publication restrictions : publication without restrictions
Copyright : CNN; ICRC
Production company : CNN
ICRC producer :
Description : In the past seven years, 7000 people have died in Nepal as a result of the conflict dogging the country, most of them civilians. Despite the ceasefire signed in January this year, tension remains high. People are all too well aware that since the last ceasefire of 2001, 5000 people have lost their lives as government forces and Maoist rebels have continued to clash in bouts of fighting. The areas worst affected by conflict are remote rural villages in central-western Nepal. These unique images from inside the conflict zone show a region far from popular tourist destinations, and only accessible after hours of foot slog up narrow mountain paths. Here, peasant farmers struggle to make a living from the land, despite the real threat of violence disrupting their lives. This police station, in the commune of Gorkha, Takukot province, for example, has been attacked and destroyed by Maoist rebels last December. All too often, such outbreaks of violence cause more harm to innocent civilians than to the fighters involved, killing and maiming people like 36 year old Bihm Bahadur Bika, who was injured when fighting broke out near his home in January this year. ''I was cutting grass in the fields, when violent shooting started. There were bullets everywhere. I was shot in the leg. 12 of us were shot that day, 6 people were killed, 6 more were wounded.''
Original language : English
English title : Nepal : villagers caught in the crossfire
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