Reference : V-S-51086-A-01
Date : 02/09/2014
Title : Commemoration of the 100th Anniversary of the Birth of Jean Pictet and to the Launch of the 2015 edition of the Jean-Pictet Competition
Duration : 01:34:08
Speaker :
RASSI, Christopher (membre du Comité du concours Jean-Pictet, CCJP)
KUSTER, Etienne (IPL Forum advisor, ICRC)
SANDOZ, Yves (member of the Committee, ICRC)
BLONDEL, Jean-Luc (head of archives and information management Division, ICRC)
HENCKAERTS, Jean-Marie (head of Unit commentaries, ICRC)
LANORD, Christophe (fondateur du concours Jean-Pictet, CCJP)
Language : English; French
Series/Sub-series : Ceremonies and tributes
Recording type : conference
Recording kind : original recording not edited (rush)
Recording location : Humanitarium, siège du CICR, Genève, Suisse
Description : This event will provide participants with an overview of Jean Pictet's achievements an legacy concerning both IHL and the ICRC, through testimonies of his former colleagues. Presentations on the ICRC Commentaries Project and the Jean-Pictet Competition will show that his legacy remains of vital importance for the humanitarian community in 2014.
Confidentiality level : public
Publication restrictions : publication without restrictions
Copyright : ICRC
Production : ICRC
Producer :
ZURCHER, Florence (archivist, ICRC)
MOREL, Cindy (technical assistant Humanitarium, ICRC)
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