Reference : V-S-51131-A-01
Date : 05/05/2015
Title : Persons with disabilities in emergencies
Duration : 01:19:54
Speaker :
MEIGE, Pascale (deputy director, ICRC)
DEVANDAS, Catalina (special rapporteur on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, UN)
RAU BARRIGA, Shantha (director of Disability Rights, HRW)
Language : English
Series/Sub-series : Public information
Recording type : debate
Recording kind : original recording not edited (rush)
Recording location : Humanitarium, ICRC headquarters, Geneva, Switzerland
Description : 15 percent of the world's population lives with a disability, more than 1 billion people worldwide. This percentage is likely even higher in countries dealing with conflict and poverty. During a crisis, people with disabilities are highly vulnerable to abandonment, violence and face significant difficulties in accessing basic services because of physical and communication barriers. This discussion aims to explore concrete steps that States, UN agencies, humanitarian organizations and NGOs can and are taking to ensure a disability-inclusive emergency response.
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MOREL, Cindy (technical assistant Humanitarium, ICRC)
ZURCHER, Florence (archivist, ICRC)
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