Reference : V-S-51186-A-01
Date : 30/08/2016
Country/Region : NEPAL; KOSOVO
Title : International Day of the Disappeared 2016 : Clarifying the fate of missing persons : challenges in international humanitarian law and international human rights law
Duration : 01:39:02
Speaker :
MAURER, Peter (president, ICRC)
SABGA, Charles (legal advisor, ICRC)
OTT, Lisa (co-head of dealing with the past program, Swisspeace)
CATTANEO, Cristina (professor, University of Milan)
LONDONO, Maria Ximena (legal advisor, ICRC)
Language : English
Series/Sub-series : Date-specific event
Recording type : other
Recording kind : original recording not edited (rush)
Recording location : Humanitarium, ICRC headquarters, Geneva, Switzerland
Description : Hundreds of thousands of people are currently missing around the world from armed conflicts, violence, natural disasters and migration. The ICRC works in around 70 countries and territories by helping the governments to establish legal frameworks and processes to end the haunting silence that disappearance leaves behind, amongst other activities. The panel discuss the important accomplishments attained so far and good practices, as well as the remaining obstacles that hamper the collective efforts made towards the clarification of the fate and whereabouts of missing persons.
During the public event, two new videos on Nepal and Kosovo have been screened and a graphic novel from Colombia have been presented.
Confidentiality level : public
Publication restrictions : publication without restrictions
Copyright : ICRC
Production : ICRC
Producer :
MOREL, Cindy (technical assistant Humanitarium, ICRC)
ZURCHER, Florence (archivist, ICRC)
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