Reference : V-P-JO-E-00153
Date : 30/10/2013
Country/Region : JORDAN; SYRIA
Caption : Bustana assembly point. For two years, Abdel-Rahmane, a father of six from Homs, has been wandering Syria with his family in search of a safe haven, to no avail. They are waiting to be transported to a refugee camp.
Photographer : REVOL, Didier
Confidentiality level : public
Publication restrictions : publication without restrictions
Copyright : ICRC
Description : This father describes his journey through eastern Syria like this: "It took around three days. We were dying of hunger and thirst; we were reduced to giving the children bits of dry bread so that they could eat and walk."

21-11-2013 Operational Update

As the conflict continues unabated, Syrians are fleeing their homes every day to seek refuge in Jordan. With winter approaching, the ICRC and the Jordan National Red Crescent Society are finding new ways to help them cope with increasing needs.

Many Syrians who have found refuge in Jordan depend on aid provided by local and international aid agencies. The vast majority of the refugees have been taken in by local communities in northern areas near the Syrian border. Some have not received any other kind of assistance since arriving in the country.

"Between 200 and 500 people are arriving daily. Most have endured a gruelling journey across the desert," said Nana Chukhua, ICRC delegate in Jordan. "As soon as they arrive, they urgently need water, food and shelter."

"We were forced to travel dozens of kilometres through the desert with scarcely any food or water," said Abu Yazan, a Syrian refugee from Homs. "It was cold, and we had to sleep on the ground."

The majority have left all their belongings behind and cannot meet basic needs such as food, health care, house rent, water and electricity bills. Besides distributing relief items to the refugees, the ICRC and the Jordan National Red Crescent Society launched a programme in October to provide cash assistance for 1,000 families in Mafraq governorate, northern Jordan, with the dual aim of helping them and easing the burden on local communities.

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