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Reference : V-P-SY-E-00916
Date : 06/08/2019
Country/Region : SYRIA
Caption : Homs, Al Rastan. This 31-year-old man, father of three children, lost his right leg in 2012. He was treated in the ICRC physical rehabilitation centre in Damascus and got prosthesis in 2017. He used to work in marble cutting but, because of his amputation, he changed and opened a shop to repair electronic materials, thanks to the ICRC microeconomic initiative programme.
Photographer : KAMBAL, Anas
Confidentiality level : public
Publication restrictions : publication without restrictions
Copyright : ICRC
Description : “I was so stressed before I get the prostheses, since I was all the time at home and could not do anything. My family was so upset to see me in this situation. Now I leave my house at 9 am and go back at 9 pm, always in a good mood. At the time when the fighting was still on, I used to move from a house to another for the safety of my family as we had no choice to leave or to stay away from the danger. It was so difficult for us especially because I had an amputated leg and my wife used to carry the kids while moving because I could not carry them. I now work as If had never not lost my leg, I always think positively. I encourage people who lost any of their limps not to give up or think negatively about their situation as this will affect their life. My only wish was to walk again and to live normally. Now I want to have a house for my children in the future.“
Rastan is the third-largest city in the Homs Governorate, located 25 kilometers north of its administrative capital Homs and 22 kilometers from Hama. Since 2011, Rastan was one of the escalation zones in Homs and during this period (2011- 2018) many battles started to take place which forced people to flee and leave their houses from the urban areas to the farms during shelling and airstrikes.
Resolution : 6000x4000
Orientation : landscape
Colour/B&W : colour