Reference : V-P-PK-E-01393
Date : 09/2016
Country/Region : PAKISTAN
Caption : Karachi, Edhi foundation. Mohammad Raja is an ambulance driver of the Edhi foundation, who was targeted and shot during his service.
Photographer : RAFIQUI, Asim
Confidentiality level : public
Publication restrictions : publication without restrictions
Copyright : Noor for the ICRC
Description : "In this line of work we dodge bullets all the time and think nothing of it. I have been an ambulance operator for over 11 years and seen many terrible things. But I will never forget that afternoon when I was shot. I had arrived at the morgue with my ambulance to transport some bodies. As I entered I noticed a large group of men debating what to do with the body they had come to claim. A few minutes later the discussion deteriorated into an argument, and suddenly there was gunfire everywhere. We rushed for cover – shots were coming from the building across the street, from its roof and the front gate, though we could not really tell exactly. In the melee I noticed a man who had been shot and fallen to the ground. Our ambulances were already riddled with bullets and there was no way I could use them. But I thought I could get the injured man into a taxi and to hospital. I started to make my way towards him, and that’s when a bullet pierced my leg and felled me. Luckily I was only hit in the leg, and able to quickly crawl back to cover. Some men from the group offered to help me, but I was scared that if I was seen with them the other party might kill me too. I chose instead to limp to the nearest Edhi centre and seek help there."

ICRC website, photo gallery “Unsung Heroes of Pakistan: Healthcare Workers Taking Risks to Save Lives”, 07 JULY 2017
“Violence against healthcare professionals working in conflict areas is a reality that thousands of healthcare workers have to confront on a daily basis. Often the impacts of this violence spill over to the patients, families, and coworkers as well. In Karachi, Pakistan, these are the true stories of healthcare workers who've encountered this violence while risking their own lives to save the lives of others.
ICRC's Healthcare in Danger (HCiD) project aims at encouraging different stakeholders to improve the security and delivery of healthcare in armed conflict and other emergency situations.”
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