Reference : V-P-IL-E-03260
Date : 21/02/2019
Country/Region : ISRAEL
Caption : Ashkelon. This man lost his daughter in a bombing next to a bus stop.
Photographer : SYNENKO, Alyona
Keyword : PORTRAIT
Confidentiality level : public
Publication restrictions : publication without restrictions
Copyright : ICRC
Description : ICRC web site, article of 28.05.2019: Time does not heal the wound - it teaches you to live with it

Losing someone you love is the worst nightmare every human being dreads. When you lose a loved one to conflict and violence, there is more than pain. There is anger and frustration. There is trying to make sense of a senseless loss, that leaves a gaping hole in your heart for the rest of your life.
For several decades, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict has been wreaking havoc in people’s lives. Members of the Parents Circle, an Israeli-Palestinian organisation of families, who have lost a family member to the ongoing conflict, share their stories of grief hoping that no other family has to live the horror they have been through.

"I was in the kitchen washing dishes with the TV on. They stopped the program to report that there was a terror attack next to a bus stop, a suicide bombing. As I was looking at the images on the screen I realised that I knew the place. I had been there before. I waited for my daughter Yael to call. When something like this happened she always did. She would ask: “Dad, what are you making for dinner?” But I knew she just wanted to reassure me she was all right. I called her number, no answer. I called other numbers but couldn’t get through. It became dark. The telephone stayed quiet. This was when I realised that Yael would never call again. The following days the house was full of people: family, friends, strangers who wanted to pay respect. Thousands of people. And then it was empty again. I was alone and I couldn’t stop crying. I wanted to stay in bed waiting for my death. I was angry. It’s been fifteen years, and I am still angry today. Time doesn’t heal the wound. It teaches you how to live with it", he says.
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Orientation : landscape
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