Reference : V-P-SD-E-02407
Date : 10/2009
Country/Region : SUDAN
Caption : Gereida, internally displaced persons camp. Internally displaced person family in the camp and does not want to go back to their village.
Photographer : YAZDI, Pedram
Confidentiality level : public
Publication restrictions : publication without restrictions
Copyright : ICRC
Description : 13-18 october 2009

Adam Alhaj Mohamed. Adam and his family come from town of El Nadeef, about 6 hours drive away from Gerida , so several days on foot. He has 3 sons and 3 daughters, and 7 died as babies - this (in the picture with new born baby) is his third wife as 2 already died in childbirth.
Could be used as quote:
At the beginning of the conflict [probably 2004] armed men attacked the village, and his pregnant mother -in-law and her 3 daughters were shot and burned as they set fire to the huts. All the village fled when it was attacked.
Some went to Nyala town. Some to camp, none have gone back he says as its not yet safe he thinks. He says 20,000 people from his district were displaced with 29 sheikhs (head of community) and their various community /tribal groups. The group of huts round him are all from same neighbourhood - he is the sheikh (or chief), of this neighbourhood/community.

Describes how his tribe and another tribe had lived together in their village peacefully for 300 years. When the conflict started, their relationship became politicised - Adam says they are peaceful people who don't like fighting and don't carry weapons.
Original material : digital
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