Reference : V-P-SD-E-02409
Date : 10/2009
Country/Region : SUDAN
Caption : Gereida, camp for internally displaced persons. Distribution of food by the World Food Programme (WFP), and of clothes and soap by the ICRC.
Photographer : YAZDI, Pedram
Confidentiality level : public
Publication restrictions : publication without restrictions
Copyright : ICRC
Description : 13-18 october 2009

WFP is distributing food to 129,700 people. Food is handed out every month. All food comes from WFP. Initially distribution was done by ICRC but WFP in charge since Jan 2009. Food is sorghum, millet, oil and sugar from WFP. ICRC gives packs of clothing and soap at same time. This is probably the last ICRC hand out as it is gradually withdrawing from Gereida and handing over to other organisation.

Each pile of food is for 50 individuals. A group of women from each community group are designated to register and collect the food.

Jean-Marc Favre (Head of Gereida Sub-delegation):
"As the situation and the security is gradually getting better and the people can coop with their daily life, the ICRC slowly withdraws from the camp. Operation, such as food or health is handed to other organisations. SRCS is also working in the camp.
Going back or staying in Gereida is a personal, family or community decision.
Some people are leaving or wish to move back to their villages. Others are settled her. It is quite safe to move around, people are collecting firewood grass for animals… some are still in the camp but already began to plant and harvest in their land. Some others stay here because they build their life here; they have small shops or doing other jobs. Others stay because there are schools, but in some villages around schools are not functioning or there is lack of water. The ICRC assisted some communities who settled back in their villages by distributing farming tools and seeds.
In the future Gereida may become a town like other cities in this part of the country."
Original material : digital
Resolution : 4256x2832
Orientation : landscape
Colour/B&W : colour