Reference : V-P-HT-E-00301
Date : 09/01/2009
Country/Region : HAITI
Caption : Port-au-Prince. Cité Soleil. A victim of violence.
Photographer : HAVIV, Ron
Confidentiality level : public
Publication restrictions : reserved users only
Copyright : ICRC/VII
Description : Roudeline and her daughter sleep on slabs of concrete in a shack that floods every time it rains.
Roudeline was shot in the stomach during a gun battle between rival armed gangs in the Haitian slum of Cite Soleil in 2006. The three-month-old baby she was carrying in her arms fell hard to the ground.

Roudeline still suffers stomach pains and the impact of the fall left her now three-year-old daughter paralyzed from the waist down. Her husband was killed by the gangs, so mother and daughter must rely on the charity of friends to get by.

While most of the gang leaders who terrorized Haiti's biggest shanty town from 2003 to 2007 are now behind bars grinding poverty continues to fuel discontent, and the mental scars caused by the violence have yet to heal..

Original material : digital
Resolution : 5616x3744
Orientation : landscape
Colour/B&W : colour