Reference : V-P-NG-E-00605
Date : 06/05/2015
Country/Region : NIGERIA
Caption : Borno State, Maiduguri. The ICRC, in cooperation with the Nigerian Red Cross, distributes food to families affected by the conflict.
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Copyright : ICRC
Description : The ICRC and the Nigerian Red Cross are engaged in large-scale activities to help people affected by the conflict in north-east Nigeria. Since December 2014, the two organizations have distributed food to more than 200,000 people and have been supplying clean water and providing health care. Around one million people have sought refuge in Maiduguri. Most of them have lost everything when they had to run away to save their lives.

ICRC website, article of the 28th May 2015:
"Children traumatized, families broken - life inside Maiduguri.
They arrived in the middle of the night from the nearby town of Bama, more than a thousand people, mainly children and the elderly. They had been transported on trucks, under heavy military escort, for fear of attack.

The elderly were so fragile they had to be carried off and set down to rest under the trees. The children were in rags, most of them barefoot. They had not eaten for days. We gave them bread, sardines, nuts and water.

I walked up to an old man, maybe around 80 years old, wearing a traditional white babanriga gown. He looked so fragile. He was trying to hold himself steady and at the same time lift the water can.

He looked me in the eye and whispered "Alangubro, Alangubro, Askergna." It means something like "The highest form of respect to you, for your great kindness.""
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