Reference : V-P-CD-E-01767
Date : 10/2012
Caption : North Kivu, Walikale. This boy was 13 and staying with his uncle in his home village. His father and the rest of his close family had already left this remote area for the relative safety of Walikale town.
Photographer : YBARRA ZAVALA, Alvaro
Confidentiality level : public
Publication restrictions : publication without restrictions
Copyright : Getty Images/CICR
Description :
In December 2011, Prince and two of his friends decided to join an armed group so that they could eat well and have the impression of feeling safe by carrying a weapon. But after three months, during which time they were made to carry very heavy loads, were constantly on the move, and were beaten if they didn't make the food the right way, they decided to run away. He knew his family was here so travelled, mostly on foot, asking directions from strangers, to Walikale town. When he arrived, his family slaughtered a chicken and they celebrated. Price feels better now he is back with his family, even though they do not have much money and he has to work in the fields to help pay the rent. At least in Walikale town, he can sleep peacefully, and life is not so dangerous and hard. He only hopes that his family will soon be able to afford the school fees so he can pursue his schooling. His message for other children living in a situation of conflict is: "Never join an armed group. Become a farmer instead.
Original material : digital
Resolution : 3511x4096
Orientation : portrait
Colour/B&W : colour