Reference : V-P-IL-E-03000
Date : 19/04/2017
Caption : Gaza, Sheikh Radwan. This man received an assistance from the ICRC to repatriate the body of his brother, student in Egypt.
Photographer : ALWAHEIDI, Nidal
Confidentiality level : public
Publication restrictions : publication without restrictions
Copyright : ICRC
Description : This 75 years old man has seven sons and daughters. He himself is the eldest son of a family consisting of a father, mother, eight boys and three girls. He had a brother, who was an outstanding student, pursuing a degree in medicine in Egypt after completing his general secondary education certificate in Gaza in 1972.
At that time in the 1970’s, the ICRC was responsible for coordinating and facilitating the exit and return of all students to and from the Gaza Strip. In 1976, while his brother was in his fourth year of medical studies in Egypt, he died suddenly. In order to help repatriate their son’s body from Egypt to the Gaza Strip, the family contacted the ICRC. Its representatives were able to provide help with the process, which took a whole month. He says, “the coordination for the repatriation was an important humanitarian gesture from the ICRC.”
He recalls another event during which the ICRC’s assistance was invaluable; it was at the time in 1948 when the ICRC maintained an irregular presence. At that time, some displaced Palestinians returning to their villages were given the option either to go to Gaza Strip or the West Bank. His family chose to head to Gaza where most of their relatives lived. The ICRC coordinated their transportation with the Israelis and Egyptians; upon their arrival at Bet Hanoun town in the Gaza Strip, the family was welcomed with tents and food provided by the ICRC.
Today, as his sons and daughters have all married, henow has a chance to spend more time with his wife. He takes part in various social events and looks after the couple’s household needs.
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